Passing value from modal dialog into page in Oracle Apex

Every one meet this issue, sometime we are passing values from page to page or page to modal dialog, but we need to pass value from modal dialog into normal page.

At this time we have to use the item’s to return attribute in close dialog process.

Step 1: Create one modal dialog page (Ex: Page 2)

Step 2: Place one item in modal dialog (Ex: P2_name)

Step 3: Create one close dialog process

step 4: In close dialog process there is a attribute item’s to return, you just place the item name’s which item going to return when the dialog is closed.

Step 5: In normal page i.e parent page (Ex: Page 1) create one dynamic action,

Action is – set value 

Set Type – Dialog Return Item

Return Item – Return item name i.e page 2 item name  (Ex: P2_name)

Affected Elements are – In page 1, which item going to hold the returning item value’s

Selection  Type – Item

Item – Ex: P1_FIRST_NAME

that’s it you reached the goal –  Apex Rocks

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