Call a new tab window page from oracle apex modal dialog using java script Target_blank

We always facing this issue to call the new tab window from modal dialog with passing parameters and its values how ?
Yes, we can call a new tab window through javascript code and simple submit dynamic action. Below steps will clearly explain you to call a new tab page
Step 1: Create a modal dialog with button.
Step 2: Create dynamic action when click action see the below image


Step 3: Create a action , that’s submit a page because to set the item values if you have placed the items for to bind those values.


Step 4: Create an another action to execute the java script code like below


paste the below java script code
parameter_variable 1,
parameter_variable 2,
parameter_variable 3,
parameter_variable 4:
'+$v("bind_variable 1")+',
'+$v("bind_variable 2")+',
'+$v("bind_variable 3")+',

that’s it you got it, click the button you will redirect into a new tab window.

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