Apex Views and Usage

apex_application_page_items To find / get detailed information about the page items and their properties  by using apex_application_page_items apex view. Example:  for example i need below column information item_name,  page_name, region, region_id, item_default SELECT item_name, page_name, region, region_id, item_default FROM apex_application_page_items WHERE application_id = 1127 AND item_name LIKE ‘%DEPARTMENT_NAME%’ AND item_source_type != ‘Database Column’ ORDER BY 2 Execute above query and get exact result. Continue reading Apex Views and Usage

Passing value from modal dialog into page in Oracle Apex

Every one meet this issue, sometime we are passing values from page to page or page to modal dialog, but we need to pass value from modal dialog into normal page.

At this time we have to use the item’s to return attribute in close dialog process.

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